Dec 03, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ExxonMobil BAAS in Leadership and Management - Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurial ventures focus on new and innovative offerings.  Students who enter the ExxonMobil BAAS in Leadership and Management Entrepreneurial program will develop the entrepreneurial knowledge, leadership skills, and decision-making frameworks required to recognize and evaluate business opportunities. Students learn to create, apply, and guide entrepreneurial initiatives through the application of critical thinking, experiential innovation-based projects, leadership/communication, and problem solving skills. The program rests on the student’s solid understanding of business operations, ethics, accounting, finance, cultural competence, and business planning.  Completion of this program will allow students to advance into leadership roles within their chosen career field.

Academic Admission Requirements

Applicants for entry into the ExxonMobil Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences (BAAS) in Leadership and Management degree must satisfy the following minimum criteria:

  1. General Admission to Odessa College.

  2. Compliance with Texas Success Initiative requirements (TSI).

  3. Completed an approved AAS degree from an accredited institution, or be within 15 SCH of completion.

  4. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.

  5. Submission of specified ExxonMobil BAAS Program application (BAAS - Automation only).

ExxonMobil BAAS - Leadership and Management

Students interested in completing the ExxonMobil BAAS in Leadership and Management must meet the general admission criteria above for admission to the program. Students who have been admitted to the program and are within 15 credit hours of completing their AAS degree, and currently enrolled in those courses may, with the approval of the Dean and Department Chair, enroll in no more than two (2) upper-division courses. Students are expected to maintain Odessa College Academic Progress requirements as outlined in the EGA (Local), Student Handbook, and available online. The college seeks to preserve the spirit of the community college Open Door policy for new ExxonMobil BAAS in Leadership and Management students while ensuring they have the prerequisite skills for success. Admission to the program will be capped by capacity and therefore students will be accepted in order of application and registration.

Total Credit hours 67 out of 120 = 56%

Total Credit Hours 73 out of 120 = 61%

Total Credit Hours 79 out of 120 = 66%

Total Credit Hours 85 out of 120 = 71%

Total Credit Hours 91 out of 120 = 76%

Total Credit Hours 94 out of 120 = 78%

Total Credit Hours 101 out of 120 = 84%

Total Credit Hours 107 out of 120 = 89%

Total Credit Hours 113 out of 120 = 94%

Appy for Graduation in the Wrangler Portal

Total Credit Hours 120 out of 120 = 100%

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